How to get free Webnovel Gift Card codes to redeem 500 coins in webnovel everytime (2021 Update)

Great news! We will share the latest tutorial about the best ways how to get Free Gift Card Codes! None of these methods require you to spend any money. You can take surveys, offers, quizzes and watch videos in order to redeem for a free Webnovel gift card! Webnovel gift cards can be used to redeem for Coins, used for subscribing to fascinating stories. You can get free gift card codes and redeem them instantly on your account. See the video below:

This is the best way to add Coins to your Webnovel account. Electronically delivered, coins can be redeemed on for unlocking many novel or comic chapters. Never run out of Spirit Stones to support your reading needs. You can find all genres of novels on Webnovel from Fantasy, Horror, Martial Arts to Magical Realism to Sci-fi to Romance Fiction and more! You can get free coins and Webnovel Gift Card at no cost to you! Why spend money on your new chapters from the Webnovel library when you can get it free?

Use your 500 Coins to unlock any novel chapter game on Webnovel. It works just like a gift card and it is redeemable through itself. Simply open a Webnovel account to redeem your webnovel coins Gift Card Codes. Gift Card Codes will be delivered to you digitally so you can redeem them online directly through the Webnovel website. No need to spend money, this online tool can hook you up with free Webnovel gift cards that will keep your Spirit Stones full!

To get Webnovel Gift Card Code for Free open and then:
Step 1) Complete Sponsor Activity by complete tasks, quizzes, surveys, offers and videos to verify.
Step 2) Refer 10 Friends with your referral link.
Step 3) Redeem a gift card for Coins, used for subscribing to fascinating stories and more!

That’s it how to get free Webnovel Gift Card codes to redeem 500 Coins every time. Enjoy!

If you have Android Smartphone, you can install Webnovel Mod APK to get unlimited spirit stones!